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D - Ball

How It Works!

D-Ball is an app that allows athletes  to track your stats.D-ball helps athletes improve in the following three categories: dribbling passing, and shooting. As a result of improving basic skills, confidence will grow as well. D-ball is also a confidence boosting app for athletes to receive encouragement while growing. 

App will include the following videos:

  • Encouragement

  • Skills Training 

  • Education

  • Coaches Corner

  • Being a team player

  • And More

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Start of D-Ball


D-ball formed first when CEO (Destiny Smith) decided that she was tired of "feeling like a failure." Destiny didn't feel confident when she first started basketball. She thought that she was too weak, too short and a terrible shooter, until she started to video her practices at home and establish a daily goal. 


 Destiny, along with her coaches, began to  see many improvements in her shot and confidence. Many others people like teammates, parents and opponennts have also witnessed improvements that she made. Destiny states" I formed this app so athletes would understand the why behind what they were doing."


D-ball will be the app of choice for inspiration and encouragement for athletes worldwide.  

Transforming All Athletes!


"I am STRONG!"

About the (CEO) Destiny Smith 

My name is Destiny Smith, I am 15 years old and I will be a sophmore in the fall.  I have been playing basketball since first grade. When I first started I wasn't confident. Baskeball, writing, speaking cooking, drawing and learning are a few things that I love doing.I'm very passionate about growing my strengths and improving my weaknesses.  I'm on a mission to develop the leader in me, while learning to failure forward to success. I am also the author of the book- The Trust Test.

YEA field trip day headed to CEO roundtable!


Sample Videos 



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